Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well these pictures were suppose to be next to each other, but oh well. I went to the doctor yesterday to get another ultrasound, this time to check the heart and organs etc. Well we got this really cute profile picture. Can you see a resemblance? Yeah, I think we made another cute one :)

The baby isg rowing very well, in fact he is a little bigger then what he is suppose to be. So he might be here a little early, but that's great. I love getting ultrasounds, they are so cool to watch. We could see JJ sucking on his thumb and see the other 4 fingers stretched out. He is very active and love to feel him move and grow. I am so excited to have another special spirit to help learn and grow. Jaron was so excited to see his little brother again and keeps asking me if he is big enough to come out. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elder Johnson in Training

Here is our future missionary. I just thought he looked to cute to not share. By the way these are the new clothes that we just bought him, thinking they would be bigger then what they are. He is just growing so fast. I love to watch him grown and learn. He loves to sing 'I am a Child of God' and 'When Jesus Christ was Baptized' , he is working on a few other. It is just too cute.

Awesome Package

My mother-in-law is way cool. She sends us these cute holiday packages and Jaron just loves them. So here is the stuff she sents us. Jaron got a kick out of the wax teeth.

We called Grandma Nancy while Jaron opened it and he was just too funny.

So she makes her own carameled popcorn, then she makes cute rice krispie treats. She cut them into triangles and frosted them like a candy corn. She is so great. We just love her.

Halloween Decorations

So here are some of the crafts that Jaron and I have made this month. We didn't have a lot of decorations so we made them and put them up. Jaron loves it and I think it looks pretty cute.

Here are our pumpkins that we got at the Murray Family Farms, Jaron wanted us each to paint them like Spider Man. He wanted mine to be painted pimk, so we both went along with it :)

This is the five pumkin poem and the five pumpkins that Jaron painted and picked the faces.

Friday, October 17, 2008

7 Random things

Ok so I was tagged by my friend Carla. So here are 7 random things about me and then I get to tag 7 other people at the end.

1. I am a little OCD, things have to match including the cups that I set out for dinner. When I was little, if there was going to be one that wouldn't match I would put two back ( so they won't be alone in the cupboard) and then bring out two news ones that matched.

2. I have to answer phone calls (don't have caller ID) just incase it is an emergency, I can't stand to let it ring. Drives Aaron crazy when we are in the middle of dinner and I have to pick it up.

3. I love eating, but I can't stand cooking half the time. It takes 20 mins to prepare everything and then another 30 to 45 min to bake. And then after you eat it in 10 min you have to take 30 min to clean everything up. I would rather take .99 and go to Jack in the Box sometime. But there is nothing like home cooked meals (and a budget) so I do cook for Aaron.

4. I get a long a little better with guys then I do girls sometimes. I just don't seem to have a lot in common with most women. I am serious when I say that Aaron is my BFF. He is the only one who gets me and really enjoys all the silly stuff I think about. I just like talking about sports and learning how things work. I do enjoy finding a good deal at a store, but I don't get into fashion too much. But I am always up for a shopping trip to find great deals.

5. I am a pack rat and a shirt horder. I only have like 4 pairs of jeans, but I can't count how many shirts I have. And I keep them forever (well maybe 4 or 5 years depending on my size). I just can't get rid of things that people give me. I have almost every card anyone has given me. I even have this stupid red clown nose that my cousin threw at me because it was from my Aunt Jean's room. I have a lot of "junk" boxes.

6. I am a horrible procastinator. Have you ever seen that T-shirt that says "Procrastinators UNITE.....tomorrow" That is my motto. I am trying to work on that, but sometimes it does just slip my mind.

7. When I sleep at night, I have to have the sheets touching me. I can't stand the blankets to touch me at all. It has to be all the same (OCD again) The sheet can't be up against my cheek, but my shoulder is touching the blanket, it just drives me crazy.

Well that was harder then I thought and now I feel really funny that you will all know those silly things about me. But that's OK, I know (hope) you will all still love me. :)
Ok so I tag, Angie, Meagan, Jen, Steph, Tamara, Lanie and Natalie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Murray Family Farms

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Here is our day at Murray Family Farms, we had a lot of fun and got some good pumkins :)

My Belly

This is not my favorite picture, but here is my belly and my little man. (I had just gotten out of the shower and Jaron had had one of those days, so I wasn't too happy :))We took this picture at the end of Sept, so I have grown a little bit more. But it's like my belly popped and then hasn't changed a whole lot since. But I feel the baby move quite often and I love it. Aaron actually got to feel the baby move the other night and was way excited. Jaron hasn't had the patience yet to keep his hand on my belly long enough, but it will happen of course.

My little boy is Growing

Ok so here are our measurements of Jaron since we have moved to Bakersfield. The first mark in from May and the next one is from July and the last one is from Oct 12th. He has grown about an inch and a half in the last 3 months. I knew he was growing, but not that much. He is almost into size 5T. We had to buy new church clothes for him, everything is getting too small. I know this is how it works, but my goodness. It just makes me so happy and sad to see me little man growing up, I just love him so much and am so proud of him.

Fun Halloween crafts

So here are Jaron and Brandon with their Bat Hats. We had a lot of fun making these last Thursday. I just think that they are too cute. We love having Brandon come over and play on Thursdays :) Jaron and I are working on more Halloween crafts that I'll post later.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twilight Series

Ok if you haven't read the Twilight Series and pland to stop reading now. I will ruin too much for you. You have been warned.
Ok so I finally went out and bought the books, yes bought them, I don't have the patience for the library. But anyways, I loved them the whole way through. I was however on Team Jacob, I just like the darker hair and tall, muscular type. Edward didn't really sound all that appealing to me. But hey, he was perfect for Bella. But I can't stand the ending of the Breaking Dawn. What a build up for nothing. The Volturi just walk away. I had to laugh, Aaron had to read the last three chapter for me as we were driving to Beatty. He got really into it and totally was mad that there wasn't a fight. That cracked me up. I really counld't stand that Jacob imprinted on Nessie, whats up with that. I have to agree with my friend Angie that Jacob lost a lot of his personality after he imprinted. but I guess for those of you who didn't like him, that worked for you :) But anyways, I am totally excited for the movies, but of course they people they casted aren't exactly how I pictured people. I knew who they picked for Edward before I read the book. So I had Harry Potter's friend in mind the bulk of the time. My problem with Jacob, is the guy I pictured for him is actually playing Billy Black, Jacob's dad. go figure. Of course I loved him from Last of the Mohicans (yes I know it is rated 'R') when he was young and hot. So oh well. But I ams so glad I know what all of you are talking about now. they really are good books. I'll have to get all you Bakersfield girls to read them so we can do what my sister-in-law is doing and do a girl's night out to go see the movie. I don't think Aaron wants to see the movie now:)