Monday, June 30, 2008

Murray Family Farms

We had so much fun the other day at Murray Family Farms. Jaron and Mary picked a lot of blackberries and loved it....

We couldn't however stop Cindy from eating them.......
They were good!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jaron's Finance

This is Mary King, Jaron's finance :) Jaron asked me a awhile ago if he could marry me and I explained that I was married to his Daddy and that he would have to find his another wife. Then last week he asked me if he could marry Ahlana, his cousin. I then explained that he couldn't marry his cousin but that he could marry one of his friends and I listed, Mary her sister Cindy, Olivia and her sister Katie. Later that day I was talking to Jen King, Mary's mom, when Jaron asked if he could talk to her, you all know how much he likes to talk on the phone. So he was talking to Jen and asked if he could talk to Mary. He then proceeded to ask Mary if she wanted to mary him when they turned 21 (that's how old I told him he had to be). He said that when they came over to go swimming, they could get married. Jen later told me that she was on the phone when he asked, but he seems to think that they are getting married. Don't you just love kids and the way they think.

Aaron and Brooke goofing off

Here are some videos of Aaron and I jumping from the swing. It was a lot different from when we were kids, besides the height difference. I have to laugh at me in my video because I say that I just got scared, I was worried about getting hurt, but it was fun. Aaron didn't crash the first time he did the jump, but of course I got his crash on video :)

Jaron and Isaac

This is Jaron's friend Isaac. He and his parents came with us to the park. They have a lot of fun together. So now you all know who I'm talking about when I mention that Jaron is playing with Isaac. They both are very comfortable coming over to each other's houses.

Playing Catch

Here are Aaron and Jaron playing catch last Saturday. They were having so much fun. Jaron is still working on Catching the ball, but hey, he's only 3.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jaron and Ahlana

Here are pictures of Jaron and Ahlana from when we were in Reno. They are just so much fun to watch together. As you can see you won't know that Jaron was younger then Ahlana :)


Here is our little spiderman. This is the best swimming suit we have ever bought him. Not only does it help him swim, but it just makes us laugh. It just looks like we padded him to look buff and then it is really tight on his legs. It just is so cute and funny.

Jaron and Scott

Here are some pictures of Jaron and Scott in Beatty a few weekends ago. They had so much fun together and are such good friends. Shauna was pushing them in the wheelbarrow which was not an easy task and they loved it so much that when she was done Jaron tried to push Scott. Jaron actually got the wheelbarrow off the ground. :) Thats my big boy.

My two guys

I just love this picture of Aaron and Jaron. They have so much fun together and Jaron just loves his Daddy.


Well here is a picture of our family. We took this while we were in Reno a few weeks ago. We only got to stay for the weekend. Things are going great for us in California. Aaron loves his job, he gets to fly and is home everynight. We just can't believe how blessed we are. Jaron is getting so big, we can't believe it. He is doing really well on learning his alphabet and his numbers. I am staying busy as usual. I am the Primary chorister again and I am loving it. I get to basketball on Tuesdays and I am a sub on a volleyball league. We hope everything is going great for all of you.