Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elf Yourself....

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brycer and Jaron

Brycer just loves to swing in his jumper :)

This was just too funny.

Halloween Fun

So we had fun for Halloween. We carved our pumpkins too early though for Bakersfield :) But I thought they turned out good. Aaron did the Crow on a branch, Jaron's is of course the Transformer and I just did the traditional Jack-O-Lantern. (I really like the lights above my stove)
We went to Jaron's preschool Thursdat morning for a Trunk-or-Treat and he had fun. Here are some pictures of him and his friends.

Brenden as a pirate and Jaron, I don't know darth vader is though :(

Tony, Luke, Justin and Jaron. Justin won the costume contest as the UPS man. His mom also had him use a box labe UPS for his tick-or-treat bag. It was so cute. The boys had a lot of fun.

Here are my sweet boys before the party, Jaron was an awesome Bumblebee Transformer (he actually saved up some money to put towards his costume) and Brycer was Batman. He looked like a viking batmant though, he didn't like the mask over his face. They were both so darn cute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Bryce is crawling and has two teeth now. He is just too darn cute and I love watching him grow and learn.

Jaron started flag football last month and is loving it. He is having fun kicking and throwing his ball.

I just loved this picture of the two buddies :o)

I'm Back :o)

SO we have continued to be busy but having lots of fun. Aaron gave Jaron a great hair cut and I just love his eyes in this picture, he just cracks me up. He is doing so great. He can swim by himself with no floaties and with out pinching his nose. He has also upgraded to a bigger bike and is just amazing. He is reading basic stories and loving it. The preschool we take him to has been great. We go Mon-Thurs from 10-11 and it's free; How much better can that get :)

With the preschool we went to the county fair and this is what Jaron thought of the animals :) He just said "Mommy this stinks" and plugged his nose the rest of the way through the pins. I had to laugh at myself when we walked next to a big cow, yep I said it "HOLY COW!" and just started laughing. My friends Carrie and Celine just laughed with me :)

Here we are with our friends Carrie and Celine and their boys, we had a lot of fun !!

Aaron has taken up a new hobby, he has been playing the guitar and doing really good at it. Aaron, his dad and brother are going to practice Holy Night to play together when we go to Boise for Thanksgiving. The other night Aaron and I learned how to sing and play Annie's Song by John Denver. It was a lot of fun. That was one of our in home dates. We started that a few weeks ago and are really enjoying it. They're free and we just get to hang out.

We had a little oops a while ago. I forgot to turn on the baby monitor when I left Bryce on my bed for his nap. Well you guessed it, he woke up and crawled off my bed, a king size pillow top bed. We are not sure what he hit, but his little nose looked so bad, poor guy :(

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Busy Summer/Update

We have had a busy summer. We had two family reunions and both my little sisters got married, all with in 5 weeks. Of course I am a dork and forgot my camera, I never seem to remember it when I really need it. But oh well. We had a lot of fun and my sisters were beautiful brides. Thanks to all those who helped my family out with the set up and putting things together.

Here are some pictures and updates of what has been happening in the Johnson home :)

Bryce is now sitting up and can sit himself up, he is 6 months old now :)

Me and my baby boy, I just love that smile.

My boys, the loves of my life.

Jaron got to start preschool. He missed the cut off date for kidergarten so we found a community preschool that he is enjoying. I just love this picture, I just have to laugh (it might compete with Uncle Mikey's school picture, LOL)

Bryce is also scutting everywhere. He follows me into the kitchen and down the hall, everywhere I go. We have to keep all the doors shut so he doesn't end up in the bathroom or under Jaron's bed :). I can't believe how fast things are going. It seems like yesterday I was video taping Jaron learning to scut and now he's in preschool and Bryce is scutting everywhere.

Aaron and I are doing great. We both turned 30 this summer (me yesterday) and it's kind of funny. We are both ok with it, it doesn't bother either of us, so far. But Aaron still loves his job and can't believe he gets paid to do this, he has so much fun. I am happy as ever watching my boys grow and learn.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bryce is 5 months!!

I can't believe it Bryce is 5 months old already!!
He is just so much fun, he is rolling everywhere and seems to be getting close to the military crawl.
He is so happy all the time, unless of course he's hungry :), he smiles so easily and just lights up a room.

He loves to be down and playing especially with Jaron. He just laughs as Jaron makes funny noises and plays peek-a-boo with him. They are so fun to watch.
He also loves to play in his jumper and walker, that is so funny to watch, his little leggs just going and going.
I just can't believe how blessed I am to have such wonderful boys.

The Beach

So Saturday we went to the beach, Bryce's first time. We had a lot of fun, but it WAS cold.
Jaron didn't care of course, as most kids don't and he played all day, running and jumping and just having a ball. It was so much fun to watch.

Finishing his Karate Kids move :)

He even found some friends to play with for a while. Yes, two girls, what a flirt :)

The sun came out for a little while and Aaron got brave, it wasn't any colder then Tahoe, but still I just couldn't do it, yeah I know I'm a whimp :)

Afterwards we went to get some clamchowder and fish and chips for dinner. Bryce was so funny. When we got him out of the carseat he was just grabbing at EVERYTHING, we couldn't move things fast enough. Jaron was just laughing so hard. Poor Bryce was getting mad that we kept moving things :)
But it was a great day and very relaxing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bike riding

JARON LEARNED HOW TO RIDE HIS BIKE!!!! He is so excited and doing such a great job.

Cereal on July 7th

OK so on July 7th Bryce got to try cereal for the first time. He didn't mind it but not that interested. Since then we have added bananas and he really likes it :)
Here is the before we start cute picture

I just laugh at this one :)

I just love the eyes! He was trying to figure this out.

And here is a close up of the eyes, LOL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We got to go to Aaron's work for a family BBQ and we had a lot of fun.
Mommy and Bryce

Daddy and the boys swimming, they had to much fun.

Jaron, he is getting really good at swimming, but he still needs his spiderman floating suit. I just love that smile.

Bryce is his cool swim suit, I just love this picture. I promis there is a neck under there :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

For Father's Day Jaron's primary teacher helped him write a letter to his daddy. It said "Dad I love you because...You help me clean my room and you play soccer with me and you bought me a basketball hoop from a yard sale. And you wash your hands right because you put water on first, then soap."
Yes those are Jaron's words, LOL!

My Boys and Bryce Laughing

Here are my cute boys, I can't believe how blessed I am to have such sweet boys. This is the picture I got of them for Aaron's office picture. They don't look to much alike in this one :)

Saturday night Jaron started pushing this box at Bryce's new seat and this is what happened...

We were laughing so hard, I got on the phone to have my mom listen, but then he was done before I could call anyone else :) I love the first laugh, it is the best.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cute giggle

Bryce is growing so fast I can't believe hit. He has rolled over but I can't get him to do it while I'm filming :) But he is just so much fun. Jaron loves being a big brother and is so good with Bryce. Bryce loves his big brother, he smiles every time he sees him.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Father & Son Campout

So Aaron and Jaron went to the Father & Son campout last weekend and had a blast. Jaron got to shoot his first gun :o) and an assult rifle at that. This is the gun Aaron got to shoot :o)
But here is Jaron shooting the rifle, I love ear muffs.

Jaron also got to shoot a bow and arrow and loved it.

They also had a zip line to go on and panning for gold. They had a wonderful weekend. Thanks to the Monica Ward for putting that together.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bryce's bottom lip

I just have to giggle when Bryce starts to cry. His bottom lip sticks out and I just think it is too cute.


Our ward is having a pumpkin growing contest this summer. So for family home evening last week we planted our seeds. Jaron was so excited to plant them and it's a great thing for him to learn.

And so this week Jaron was VERY excited to see that his pumpkins are growing! He was jumping and showing Aaron and I. It was great. Now he wants to plant almost every seed he sees :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jaron's Day

Jaron got to go fishing for the first time today and he loved it. He and Aaron had a lot of fun.

Jaron has a great cast :) The sad part is he didn't learn it from his daddy. Aaron asked him where he had learned it and he said a fishing pole commercial on TV. Aaron takes credit for fine tuning it though.

Jaron then came home and started riding his bike. He decided To ride his bike down a little steep hill and the poor guy ran into our neighbor's car. He hit his head, you can see the start of the bruise on the right side of his forehead. So sad :(

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Bryce started giggling yesterday and it was just too cute! Poor Jaron got hit in the head while walking by his friends, but he has a hard head like his mom :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 months

I can't believe that Bryce is 2 months old already. He is growing so fast and changing. He is so alert and loves looking at everything and everyone. He loves playing with his big brother. Here are some pictures that I thought were so cute. I was so excited to get a picture of him smiling.

Here is a video of Bryce talking to his "friends " on his swing. I just love watching him learn and grow, it is just amazing.

My Hair

Well, I finally cut my hair. It was time for a change. I wanted it a little longer then this, but I still like it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 weeks

Well Bryce is three weeks old and we are doing good. Here are some cute pictures of my boys. While my mom was here she bought Jaron some puzzels and he loves putting them together by himself.
I just thought this picture was really cute :)

And here are my boys, I feel so blessed to be entrusted with these two sweet spirits.