Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brycer and Jaron

Brycer just loves to swing in his jumper :)

This was just too funny.

Halloween Fun

So we had fun for Halloween. We carved our pumpkins too early though for Bakersfield :) But I thought they turned out good. Aaron did the Crow on a branch, Jaron's is of course the Transformer and I just did the traditional Jack-O-Lantern. (I really like the lights above my stove)
We went to Jaron's preschool Thursdat morning for a Trunk-or-Treat and he had fun. Here are some pictures of him and his friends.

Brenden as a pirate and Jaron, I don't know darth vader is though :(

Tony, Luke, Justin and Jaron. Justin won the costume contest as the UPS man. His mom also had him use a box labe UPS for his tick-or-treat bag. It was so cute. The boys had a lot of fun.

Here are my sweet boys before the party, Jaron was an awesome Bumblebee Transformer (he actually saved up some money to put towards his costume) and Brycer was Batman. He looked like a viking batmant though, he didn't like the mask over his face. They were both so darn cute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Bryce is crawling and has two teeth now. He is just too darn cute and I love watching him grow and learn.

Jaron started flag football last month and is loving it. He is having fun kicking and throwing his ball.

I just loved this picture of the two buddies :o)

I'm Back :o)

SO we have continued to be busy but having lots of fun. Aaron gave Jaron a great hair cut and I just love his eyes in this picture, he just cracks me up. He is doing so great. He can swim by himself with no floaties and with out pinching his nose. He has also upgraded to a bigger bike and is just amazing. He is reading basic stories and loving it. The preschool we take him to has been great. We go Mon-Thurs from 10-11 and it's free; How much better can that get :)

With the preschool we went to the county fair and this is what Jaron thought of the animals :) He just said "Mommy this stinks" and plugged his nose the rest of the way through the pins. I had to laugh at myself when we walked next to a big cow, yep I said it "HOLY COW!" and just started laughing. My friends Carrie and Celine just laughed with me :)

Here we are with our friends Carrie and Celine and their boys, we had a lot of fun !!

Aaron has taken up a new hobby, he has been playing the guitar and doing really good at it. Aaron, his dad and brother are going to practice Holy Night to play together when we go to Boise for Thanksgiving. The other night Aaron and I learned how to sing and play Annie's Song by John Denver. It was a lot of fun. That was one of our in home dates. We started that a few weeks ago and are really enjoying it. They're free and we just get to hang out.

We had a little oops a while ago. I forgot to turn on the baby monitor when I left Bryce on my bed for his nap. Well you guessed it, he woke up and crawled off my bed, a king size pillow top bed. We are not sure what he hit, but his little nose looked so bad, poor guy :(