Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funny Boy

So I told Jaron last night that we needed to go to Wal Mart for some things.
Jaron: "What do we need to buy at Wal Mart"
Me: "Some paper towels and a few other things (New Moon)"
Jaron: "A new toy for my little brother:
Me:"Maybe, why so you can play with it for him?"
Jaron:"No we'll put it in your mouth"
At this point I just started laughing. Well at least he wanted to share with his little brother :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a Boy

So we had an ultrasound yesterday to found out if we were having a boy or girl and as you can see, we are having a boy. Aaron wanted to be really sure so the ultrasound technician got us the next picture.

There is no doubting this one, he was very cooperative :)

The Ocean

So we decided that we needed to go to the beach now that I was feeling good. So we headed over ot Ventura. I was so nice and cool. We had a lot of fun playing together.

Jaron didn't really like the water when it came up on him, but it did catch him a few times :)

I know this is silly, but I just loved his foot prints in the sand, they are so small .


4 jobs I have had-
1. Family Tree Books store
2. State Farm Ins
3. Prescott Valley Glass
4. Mommy and Wife

4 movies I have seen more then once-
1. All of the Lord of the Ring trilogy
2. Hitch (Will Smith)
3. How to Loose a Guy in 10 days
4. All of the X-Men movies

4 places I have lived-
1. Reno, NV
2. Prescott Valley, AZ
3. SunValley, NV
4. Bakersfield, CA

4 TV shows I watch-
1. Law & Order
2. Playhouse Disney :)
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. Wipeout

4 favorite places I have been-
1. Tahoe
2. Sedona
3. Jackson Hole, WY
4. Sandpoint, ID

4 people who I test-well I don't text so I put who I call
1. Mom or course
2. Stephanie
3. Jennifer King
4. Aaron

4 of my favorite foods-
1. Cheesy Chicken Soup
2. Mexican
3. Zuccini lasagna
4. Raspberry Cheesecake

4 places that I would like to visit-
1. Alaska
2. Australia
3. Hawaii
4. Washington DC

4 people that I tag-
1. Heather
2. Angie
3. Carla
4. Shalyce

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hiking in Tahoe

Aaron and I did some hiking while we were in Taho for a few days. The first place was more like just a walk, but it was sure pretty.
Here I am at the beginning of the trail. Rainbow trail is the name.

This is some of the scenery that we got to see on this walk. It was just perfect.

We then drove up the highway a little and stopped to see Emerald Bay. This bay is just so beautifl, of course with a name like Emerald Bay, it had better be pretty.

We then crossed the highway and hiked up to (I think) Cyrstal Falls. It was more of a trickle, but it still a nice hike. Aaron thought is pretty easy just finishing Boundary Peak, but I thought it was a good hike for a 4 month pregnant women who is just over being sick and getting some energy back :) Anyways this was the trail that we had to follow, it looks worse then it was, but it was so nice to be just the two of us .
This was the scene that we got at the top of the falls ( it was more like a trickle this late in the season ) We stayed up there for about an hour just relaxing and eating a sandwich. Talk about peace and quiet.

We had so much fun on our vacation and just love going to Tahoe and see family.

Just having fun in Reno

Here are a few of the cousins just playing around on the trampoline.

This is Jonah trying to get up. He is so cute.

This is Karra, Ahlana, jaron and Brayden.

This is my brother Mike, we drank so many sodas that he made a pyramid. We had to drink a few extra so he could finish it. My little brother Matt and Aaron tried to knock it down but failed. We just love hanging out with our family and love you guys.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


In the last post I said that Matt and Aaron have been best friends since the sixth grade. That is wrong, they met in the second grade and became best friends. Matt moved away in the sixth grade and they stayed good friends since that day. OOPS

Labor Day Hiking

Ok so I picked my pictures backwards but I'm not doing it again :)
Aaron went hiking with his good friends, the Johnsons (yes more Johnsons). He and Matt, the one in the middle of this picture, have been best friends since they met in the sixth grade. Matt was the best man at our wedding. The Johnsons have been wonderful friends to us always and we love them. I'm glad Aaron got to go hiking with them. They hiked Boundary Peak on Saturday Aug 30th after camping the night before.
Here are Justin, Matt and Aaron at the top of the peak. ( Aaron is the short one :) )

This is the marker at the top of the mountain and you put your foot next to hit to prove that you made it.

I just really liked this view.

Here they all are at the beginning. Britt, Cheryl, Justin, Matt and Aaron. I'm so glad that you guys had so much "fun" and that you made it. You guys are the best, Aaron's first second family :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Having Fun with Jaron

OK so here are some things that we did before we left for Reno on vacation. We took Jaron bike riding at Hart Park, they didn't make it very far, but I think he looks so cute in his bike hlemet :)

This is at the beginning, but they only made it just past the tree in the back ground

They had fun at the park on a different day. Jaron has named his ball Screwey and his Bat Darlin (yes, just like Everyone's Hero) so that is what they are playing with.

We took Jaron to Incredible John's Pizza to check it out. We loved it. We just felt bad that we planned it so late, that we didn't invite any friends with us. So Jaron just played with Daddy (our camera was running out of batteries, this is the clearest picture I have of them on the race track)
This was a pretty cool looking dinosaur ride, a little slow though :)
So we had fun playing with our little boy.