Friday, September 11, 2009

A Busy Summer/Update

We have had a busy summer. We had two family reunions and both my little sisters got married, all with in 5 weeks. Of course I am a dork and forgot my camera, I never seem to remember it when I really need it. But oh well. We had a lot of fun and my sisters were beautiful brides. Thanks to all those who helped my family out with the set up and putting things together.

Here are some pictures and updates of what has been happening in the Johnson home :)

Bryce is now sitting up and can sit himself up, he is 6 months old now :)

Me and my baby boy, I just love that smile.

My boys, the loves of my life.

Jaron got to start preschool. He missed the cut off date for kidergarten so we found a community preschool that he is enjoying. I just love this picture, I just have to laugh (it might compete with Uncle Mikey's school picture, LOL)

Bryce is also scutting everywhere. He follows me into the kitchen and down the hall, everywhere I go. We have to keep all the doors shut so he doesn't end up in the bathroom or under Jaron's bed :). I can't believe how fast things are going. It seems like yesterday I was video taping Jaron learning to scut and now he's in preschool and Bryce is scutting everywhere.

Aaron and I are doing great. We both turned 30 this summer (me yesterday) and it's kind of funny. We are both ok with it, it doesn't bother either of us, so far. But Aaron still loves his job and can't believe he gets paid to do this, he has so much fun. I am happy as ever watching my boys grow and learn.